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Neil Rollinson
Neil Rollinson
Fellow at Sheffield Hallam University, 2000/01

Fellow at Oxford Brookes University, 2001/02

Project Fellow, 2002-04

Fellow at City & Guilds of London School of Art, 2007-09

Neil Rollinson has published three collections of poetry: A Spillage of Mercury (1996), Spanish Fly (2001) and Demolition (2007), all published by Jonathan Cape, and P.B.S. recommendations. In 1997 he won the National Poetry Competition.

He is currently working with 57 Productions developing a series of virtual online creative writing workshops, not to mention the brilliant 'Poetry Jukebox', which can be found at

Project Fellowship
Neil's Project Fellowship was at Camberwell College of Art, in the MA Book Arts Department. He worked with students who use text and writing in their art projects, whether in ceramics, glass, or video installations. It was very different from the usual creative writing post. Most of his work entailed development of the visual/aesthetic approach to text and writing, so the physical aspects of text, i.e. the type face, distressed and/or traditional fonts, size and issues of transparency and colour were often as important as the grammatical and narrative structure of text.

Art students use text and writing in much more creative and experimental ways than the average writing student, with few or no inhibitions regarding the usual literary strictures, and the sense of freedom working in this environment was really inspirational. There were some students who followed traditional book art techniques and used more traditional poetic forms, but mostly their work developed from a fine art perspective. This in turn inspired in Neil a deeper understanding of what text/writing actually is, or means, to practitioners, whether painters, sculptors or more traditional book based poets.