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The Royal Literary Fund’s Fellowship scheme for writers was launched in autumn 1999 and is based in UK universities and higher education colleges. RLF Fellows are established professional writers of literary merit, representing a wide range of genres, including biography, translation and scientific writing. In its first ten years, the network of posts has reached every part of mainland Britain, from Aberdeen to Aberystwyth, Belfast to Brighton, involving old and new universities and departments in science and technology as well as in the humanities. Some 225 writers have held posts at 100 different institutions.

Students can find details of how to make an appointment with a Fellow at their university at

Click on the sidebar 'Applying to the Scheme' to find out about how to join the scheme.

For the RLF's report on student writing in higher education, click on the sidebar 'Research', where you will find a downloadable PDF of the text, entitled Writing Matters.


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