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David Kennedy
David Kennedy
Fellow at Leeds Trinity University, 2001-03

Advisory Fellow, 2003-05

Project Fellow, 2003/04

David Kennedy is a poet and editor. He was born in Leicester in 1959, and has a degree in English and European Literature from the University of Warwick. His PhD, from the University of Sheffield, was for research into ideas of community and nation in the poetry of Douglas Dunn, Tony Harrison and Seamus Heaney. David worked for over a decade as a purchasing manager in manufacturing industry before becoming a full time writer.

He was co-editor of the best-selling Bloodaxe anthology of British & Irish poetry of the 1980s and 1990s The New Poetry (1993) and is the author of the
critical book New Relations: The Refashioning of British Poetry 1980-1994 (1996). David is a regular reviewer for magazines such as Poetry Review, PN Review and Stand, and he reviews artists' books for AN Magazine. He runs The Cherry On The Top Press - which publishes innovative writing and artist's books - and edits The Paper, a magazine devoted to innovative poetries in English.

David also works as a freelance commercial copywriter, specialising in communication and information materials for the health and housing professions and for those offering help and support to asylum seekers. He lives in Sheffield with his wife, the multi-media artist Christine Kennedy and their three cats. The New Poetry and New Relations are available from all good bookshops. The other publications are available by email direct from David Kennedy and can be purchased by mail-order.

Project Fellowship
David's project involves writing the text for a two new areas of the RLF website:
(i) Writing Essays – a guide for undergraduates. The guide covers not only researching and writing standard undergraduate essays but also undergraduate final year dissertations. There will be sections on constructing argument, essay plans and structure, literature reviews, referencing and bibliographical conventions. There will also be coverage of other writing and related issues e.g. how to write reports as opposed to essays, reading for writing.

(ii) Fellows' Resource. The Resource draws on the experiences of Fellows, past and current, and on research by (former RLF Research Fellow) Dr Lisa Ganobcsik-Williams at the University of Warwick, to provide a guide to the difficulties students present to Fellows. There will be links between this Resource and the Student Guide so that Fellows can see the type of the advice they might offer. A selection of first person practical accounts by Fellows of how they did the job day-to-day will also be available”.

Publications Available
New Relations: The Refashioning of British Poetry 1980-1994  [Critical essays]
Bridgend: Seren, 1996.
'Full of circumstantial insights which carry critical weight . . . a competent, well-documented study which cultural historians of the Thatcher epoch will be glad to consult in future'. The Times Literary Supplement

The Elephant's Typewriter  [Poetry]
Stockton-on-Tees: Scratch, 1996.
'The influence of the New York School is unmistakeable . . . mingled with his wry, self-deprecating humour [...] Wonderfully understated [...] this little gem is a steal, well worth reading, and learning from'. Blade

Cities  [Poetry]
Sheffield: The Cherry On The Top Press, 1998.
'Kennedy has a painterly eye. He has an almost loving concern for 'things' and 'objects' in their variousness and palpability'. Prop

Men's Talk  [Poetry]
Sheffield: Tom Roder Memorial Fund, 1999.
'Kennedy's poetry is full of quirky argumentation and aleatory charm: 'A Walking Lunch', 'What Pefkos Said' and 'Horse Chestnut' are all fine and more than fine poems'. Metre

Smoking, Eating and Speaking With The Dead  [Critical essay and poems] 
Sheffield: The Cherry On The Top Press, 1999.

The Fiery Chariot; or, Some Writings upon that strange Phenomenon of Abduction by Aliens seen recently in the Americas and, in small part, in England  [Artists' book]
Sheffield: The Cherry On The Top Press, 2000.

The Dice Cup Selections from Max Jacob's Le cornet à dés  [Translation]
Translated with Christopher Pilling. London: Atlas, 2000.
Shortlisted for the George Weidenfeld Translation Prize 2001

C: or Cornell, A Circuition Around His Circumambulation  [Prose]
Sheffield: West House Books, 2001.
'Kennedy lucidly explores networks of interconnected ideas: memory/past/childhood, walking/journey/place, display/possibility/projection. [...] [The book] can stand apart from the art which inspires it. It provides both a good introduction to, and gives new insights into, the work of Cornell.' New Hope International On-Line

Four True Prophecies of the New State  [Limited edition artisits' book] 
Sheffield: The Cherry On The Top Press, 2001.