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Project Fellowships

From September 2002 until summer 2005, the Royal Literary Fund awarded a number of Project Fellowships. This off-shoot of the Fellowship scheme was designed to provide former Fellows with an opportunity to continue working in the field of education but within a broader framework. Project Fellows selected their own partner organisations, ways of working and timetable. Partners for Project Fellows ranged from universities to schools and community colleges.

In 2006 a small number of Project Fellows helped the RLF develop particular strengths for its ongoing work within higher education and resources for its website.

Examples of project work are given on the following Fellows’ pages:

Michael Abbensetts
Rukhsana Ahmad
Richard Burns
Sally Cline
Julia Darling
Stevie Davies
Jill Dawson
Lesley Grant-Adamson
Kathryn Heyman
Mark Hudson
Catherine Johnson
Vanessa Jones
Brian Keaney
David Kennedy
Todd Kingsley-Jones
Rupert Loydell
Jan Marsh
Anita Mason
Katharine McMahon
Ian McMillan
Michael McMillan
Brian Morse
Millie Murray
William Palmer
Simon Rae
Ravinder Randhawa
Tessa Ransford
Sally Roberts Jones
Neil Rollinson
Anne Rouse
Eva Salzman
Henry Shukman
Ade Solanke
Malaika Rose Stanley
Valerie Thornton
Anthony Vivis
Andy Ward
Robin Waterfield