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Linda Buckley-Archer

Linda Buckley-Archer

Linda Buckley-Archer is a London-based writer who was born in Sussex and brought up in Lichfield. Her first love was French literature, which she studied at the universities of Leeds...

Life-changing Literature

I was oblivious of any heavy-handed religious symbolism, I simply grew to love Lewis’s alternative world.

The Best Advice I Ever Received

For advice to be of any use, it’s got to be timely. Unless you’re in need of guidance at that juncture you won’t be open to receiving it.

Why I Write

Why didn’t I write? The truth is I had too high a regard for the profession of writer to try.

How I Write

The birth of stories, as opposed to their shaping and structuring, is both intriguing and mysterious. The strongest ideas so often arrive uninvited, unexpected, out of nowhere.

Writer's Block

You have to trust that the words will come. You must ignore the devil on your shoulder that insists that they won’t.

Letter To My Readers

How fantastic it would be for the writer to be granted an impossible insider’s view; to hitch a ride on the tailcoat of her words.
Moving Pictures, Moving Words

Moving Pictures, Moving Words

...will need to win their place in a culture that is changing at a dizzying pace. Linda Buckley-Archer is a journalist, scriptwriter and novelist; she is also an Associate Lecturer...
Creative Compost

Creative Compost

...different forms has the potential, at least, to open up unforeseen horizons. Linda Buckley-Archer is a novelist, scriptwriter and journalist. Her latest novel is The Many Lives of John Stone....
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