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Education and Writers

The Royal Literary Fund believes that writers have a unique role to play as educators. We have pioneered new educational initiatives that have given writers opportunities to share their expertise and engage widely in society.

RLF Fellows

RLF Writing Fellows work throughout the UK in universities across the sector, helping students one-to-one. They complement other forms of support for writing development from a unique perspective as professional writers.

Consultant Fellows

RLF Consultant Fellows work in writing development across the higher education sector. Building on their experience as Fellows, they have undertaken intensive training, and offer a wide range of bespoke learning interventions.

Reading Round

Reading groups with a difference, these are led by practising writers. The groups read texts aloud and then examine the writing closely under the expert guidance of a professional author.

Social Sector

RLF writers work in a variety of settings to build individual resilience, engagement, and empowerment, and to nurture community. Projects focus on individuals and groups who often experience social exclusion or isolation.


Many youngsters are concerned about the gap between school and university writing. RLF Fellows, with their university experience, are ideally placed to address these anxieties and work in schools with senior pupils to help demystify academic writing.

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