Writing Project

The Writing Project is a new initiative that puts professional writers into the workplace to raise the quality and impact of written communication. It launched in Birmingham and Bristol.

19251493_mThe Project offers writing consultancy to businesses, local government, charities, start-ups and community groups. Using workshops, talks and tailored tuition, we can support you throughout a particular project, whether it’s a bid proposal or generating a web presence. We will train your staff to express themselves more clearly and with more confidence in specific areas such as presentations, report writing, emailing and social media. We can provide an audit where a professional writer will review and advise on your organisation’s written communications. All of our writers – established novelists, playwrights, non-fiction writers and poets – have at least 2 years experience working in writing development as RLF Fellows. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you.

Writing Project Birmingham
Meg Sanders, manager of the Birmingham centre, is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction. She is an experienced editor and RLF Fellow.
Email: meg.sanders@writingproject.co.uk
Phone: 07813 78542
Twitter: @rlf_birmingham

Writing Project Bristol

The Bristol centre is managed by Julian Evans, biographer and translator. He is an experienced RLF Fellow and has a wealth of workshop and teaching expertise.
Email: julian.evans@writingproject.co.uk
Phone: 07811 323664 (Julian)
Twitter: @rlf_bristol

‘The Writing Project was a real gem of a find for us as a small charity trying to make a big impact with our communications.’
Centre for Sustainable Energy

‘The extremely professional support and high quality of bespoke training that we received from the Writing Project exceeded our expectations and really helped us understand how to better communicate with and engage our target audience.’

‘Thank you. Your audit was very thought provoking and my colleagues and I found the workshop really useful, with lots of practical advice.’
Bristol City Council Arts and Events Team

Develop your writing

We work with you to provide targeted writing support. Topics include:

  • mastering the basics of grammar
  • controlling tone in email correspondence and beyond
  • writing with impact
  • structuring documents: how to marshal complex information in a report, application or bid proposal
  • planning your writing
  • rewriting and editing
  • using written communication to build confidence and generate ideas