Cath Senker

Children's writer

Cath Senker is the author of more than 110 children’s non-fiction books. Specialising in modern history, her titles include Who Travelled the Underground Railroad? (Raintree, 2014), Mandela and Truth and Reconciliation (Raintree, 2013) and Our World Divided: North and South Korea (Wayland, 2011). She has a keen interest in global issues such as migration and the environment, writing titles such as Mapping Global Issues: immigrants and refugees (Arcturus, 2011) and A Teen Guide to Being Eco in Your Community (Raintree, 2013). In her work, Cath aims to highlight individuals’ experiences and to present different viewpoints in a non-judgemental way.

Cath has more than 20 years’ experience as a project manager and editor of non-fiction titles for children and adults, responsible for the production of books from inception to reproduction. Before embarking on a freelance career, she worked for eight years as an editor for Wayland Publishers, a children’s educational publishing company.

Teaching is an important element of Cath’s work: she is a qualified ESOL teacher who has taught English in other countries and to migrants in the UK. Cath has worked as an RLF Fellow, teaching writing skills at the universities of Sussex, Chichester and Southampton, and she runs writing workshops for undergraduates. In her free time, Cath is involved with a reader development network in Brighton and Hove that aims to widen access to books and to encourage a love of reading in the local community. She leads a read-aloud book group in Brighton’s main library.

Cath Senker


Cath is a Consultant Fellow offering writing workshops and related activities.


University of Southampton 2013/14
University of Chichester 2011/12
University of Sussex 2008-10