David Rain


David Rain is a novelist whose work includes The Heat of the Sun (2012), which tells the story of ‘Trouble’, the child of Madame Butterfly, and what happens to him after Puccini’s opera is over. He has also written Volcano Street (2014), a comedy-drama set in Australia during the Vietnam War.

Under the name ‘Tom Arden’, David was the author of a million-word fantasy sequence in five volumes, The Okoron (1997–2001), a high-camp operatic saga set in a world based loosely on 18th-century Europe and Asia. As Tom Arden, David also published two small-press novels mixing gothic and science-fictional elements, Shadow Black (2002) and The Translation of Bastian Test (2005), as well as a Doctor Who novella, Nightdreamers (2002). He has published poetry in magazines including PN Review and The Interpreter’s House. Other publications include the article ‘Literary Genres’ in the Edinburgh University Press Handbook of Creative Writing, as well as short stories and articles in magazines and journals including Interzone, the TLS, Critical Quarterly, English and English Studies.

David grew up in a small town in south Australia and was educated at the University of Adelaide, where he acquired a PhD in English literature for a dissertation on the 18th-century novelist Samuel Richardson. He has lived in Britain and Ireland since 1990 and has taught English literature at Queen’s University Belfast and creative writing at Middlesex University. He presently lives in London. Interests apart from writing include cats, theatre and music of several kinds.

David Rain


University of Brighton 2001-03