Hannah Vincent

Novelist, Playwright
University of Brighton, Falmer Campus

Hannah Vincent is an award-winning playwright. She has also written a novel (Alarm Girl, Myriad 2014) and worked as a BBC Drama television script editor on classic adaptations (Great Expectations, Crime and Punishment) as well as original dramas (Babyfather, Close Relations). Her first stage play was an adaptation of Kafka’s short story ‘The Burrow’ (Comparative Criticism, Cambridge University Press 1992) and was produced by the Royal Court. She went on to write a number of plays in the Joint Stock method developed by Max Stafford Clark, using personal testimonies and company research to create character. This gave her an interest in nurturing the individual voice — an interest she brings to her teaching (Open University, Goldsmiths, University of Sussex, Brighton University, University of Gloucestershire) and to her work for the RLF.

Hannah’s first radio drama Come to Grief was a version of a stage play she wrote whilst writer-in-residence at the Royal National Theatre Studio and won the 2015 BBC Audio award for ‘best adaptation’. Her work often expresses an interest in form, memory and experience and this is reflected in doctoral research she is carrying out at Sussex in creative and critical writing. She has presented papers at numerous academic conferences and co-authored a book chapter on female mobility in London novels with a social scientist colleague (in Researching and Representing Mobilities, Palgrave 2014).

Hannah lives with her partner and their two teenage sons in Brighton.

Hannah Vincent


University of Brighton, Falmer Campus 2020/21
University of Brighton, Falmer Campus 2018/19
University of Sussex 2016-18