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Judith Kazantzis


Judith Kazantzis is a British poet who is also a fiction-writer and printmaker. She lives in East Sussex. Her first poetry collection came out in 1977. Her current collection Just After Midnight (2004) ranges from an Odyssean translation, to subtle descriptions of the US, sharp political satire, and a end sequence of luminous elegies. Her psychological thriller Of Love and Terror (2002) links private and political passions. Recent poetry includes The Odysseus Poems: Fictions on the Odyssey of Homer (1999), Swimming through the Grand Hotel (1997) and her Selected Poems 1977-1992 (1995).

Judith Kazantzis judges poetry competitions and gives workshops and readings: a favourite theme is reworking myth and fairy story. She has also worked as a literacy volunteer particularly in ESL.

Judith Kazantzis


University of Sussex 2005/06
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