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Julian Sayarer

Non-fiction writer

Julian Sayarer is the author of five books written at the roadsides of the world. His debut book Life Cycles told the story of his world record for a circumnavigation of the globe by bicycle, and he is a past winner of the Stanford Dolman award for the story of a hitchhiked journey across the United States.

A political science graduate from the University of Sussex, Julian in his writing takes the insights of slow travel and uses it to build a picture of world politics as it is found by the passing traveller. Before becoming a full-time writer, he worked as a bicycle courier in the city of London, but has also done stints as an English teacher in Vietnam and his second nation, Turkey.

Over the years Julian has talked at festivals, in universities and for companies large and small about how both slow travel and writing are necessary tools in understanding a changing world. Recent journeys for future manuscripts have taken Julian to Athens and across the Balkans. He is currently based in London and working on his next book, which chronicles a bike ride through Israel and Palestine. 

Julian Sayarer


University of Westminster (Harrow) 2019/20
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