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Leigh Russell


Leigh Russell is the author of three acclaimed series of crime novels featuring British detectives Geraldine Steel and Ian Peterson, and international investigative reporter Lucy Hall. Her books have been shortlisted for several major awards and translated throughout Europe. The Geraldine Steel and Ian Peterson series are set in London and York, while Lucy Hall’s adventures take place in the Seychelles, Paris and Rome.

The popularity of Leigh’s long running series has been variously attributed to her in-depth characterisation, her skilful plotting, and her attention to detail. In addition, Leigh believes her simple and accessible writing style has contributed to the success of her long running series.

Leigh has an MA in English literature from the University of Kent. Before leaving her day job to write full-time, she taught English in secondary school for over twenty years, where she specialised in supporting students struggling with written English language. She is TEFL qualified and has a Diploma in teaching students with specific learning difficulties.

Since leaving her school career, Leigh has continued to do a little teaching each year. She has taught creative writing to adults in Greece and France, and to graduate and postgraduate students in Italy, and has spoken in prisons and universities in the UK.

Leigh lives in London with her husband. She has two daughters and a granddaughter. As well as reading extensively, she is currently busy writing her next crime novel.

Leigh Russell


University of Westminster (Harrow) 2017-20
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