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Lulu Allison

Reading Round Lector
Corscombe, Dorset
Lulu Allison

All that I know about writing has come from reading. Though I loved books, my path was hardwired to art, and so I went to art school. I came to writing unexpectedly and later in life, through what I believed at the time was an art project. Whilst working on an idea that required the writing of short character portraits, I realised that my lifelong love of books had another, more demanding iteration, and I was hooked. I believed I had discovered what I should have been doing all along. That art project became my first novel, Twice the Speed of Dark, published by Unbound in 2017.

My second novel, Salt Lick, followed in 2021. Twice the Speed of Dark, though I remain very proud of it, was written on instinct. With Salt Lick, I knew I was starting an apprenticeship that I believe will continue throughout my writing career. Salt Lick was longlisted for the Women’s Prize for Fiction, an unexpected and most welcome joy.

I am working on last edits of my third novel, Beast.


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