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Nigel Baldwin


Nigel Baldwin’s work comprises fifteen stage plays including works for the Royal Court Theatre, where he was resident playwright, and for the Royal Shakespeare Company. He has written over eighty hours of drama for both television and radio. Born in 1951, Nigel Baldwin has been a full-time professional writer since 1976. Prior to that he was an actor, theatre director and stage manager. Nigel has taught at a number of universities and has run drama workshops all over the country. For many years he specialised in youth theatre work through attachments to professional stage companies. He has also hosted many community workshops using drama and storytelling as a tool in personal development. If expressing what we feel is a fundamental need of the human psyche then it follows that communicating this well is axiomatic, writing being one of the principal channels.

Nigel has a deep interest and some formal training in psycho-therapy and transpersonal psychology and delves into the world of quantum physics and metaphysics with increasing enthusiasm. He sets great store by meditation and fine, lovingly-brewed ales which – contrary to some received opinion – are not mutually exclusive.

Nigel Baldwin


University of Brighton, Falmer Campus 2003-05
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