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Richard Burns


Richard Burns is a poet. With 15 poetry books and half a dozen prizes and awards, his work has been translated into 17 languages. His books include: Croft Woods (1999), Against Perfection (1999), The Manager (2001) and Book With No Back Cover (2003), For the Living (2004) and In a Time of Drought (2005). In the 1970s, Richard founded and ran the now almost legendary international Cambridge Poetry Festival. Several documentary TV programmes have been made about his work.

Born in London into a family of musicians, Richard’s perspectives combine English, Mediterranean, Jewish, Slavic, American and Oriental influences. He has lived in Greece, Italy, the USA and former Yugoslavia. He has wide international experience in teaching English language and literature, and has run hundreds of writing workshops for children and adults in more than 16 countries. An expert on poetry workshops in schools and encouraging young people to write, he is especially interested in multicultural and multilingual situations.  Richard lives in Cambridge.

Richard Burns


Newnham College, University of Cambridge 2003-05
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