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Sam Llewellyn

Non-fiction writer, Novelist

Sam Llewellyn writes novels for adults and children, and works as a journalist, editor, lecturer and historian. His books have been published in a dozen languages. His seagoing thrillers have been applauded by a spectrum of critics ranging from the New York Times through the Literary Review and the Daily Mail to Yachting Monthly. His children’s books include the Little Darlings series, written as an antidote to the gruesomeness of Peter Pan, and the Monsters of Lyonesse series, a critically acclaimed re-imagining of the Arthurian canon set during the sinking of the British Atlantis. He is a contributor to The Times and the Daily Telegraph. His column in Practical Boat Owner is read by 100,000 people every month. His column in Hortus, ‘Britain’s most intelligent gardening magazine’, attracts steady fan mail. Sam is the principal historian of the Isles of Scilly, where he was born.  He is driven by the intense conviction that clear writing leads to clear thought. A founding editor at Picador, he has taught in schools and universities worldwide, and worked as a creative writing tutor for the Arvon Foundation. He lives with his family in an ancient house in the Welsh Marches.

Sam Llewellyn


Cardiff University 2009-12
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