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Siân Rees

Non-fiction writer

Siân Rees is a writer of historical non-fiction. Her first book The Floating Brothel, about a shipful of female convicts sent to Australia in 1789, was written after she had lived in Australia. Her second The Shadows of Elisa Lynch, about the Irish lover of a Paraguayan dictator, was written after travelling in South America.

The Ship Thieves, about a gang of convicts who escaped Tasmania in 1833 and sailed to Chile; Sweet Water and Bitter: the ships that stopped the slave trade, about the Royal Navy’s campaign to enforce the abolition of the slave trade in West Africa; and Moll: the life and times of Moll Flanders were written from desks in the British Library and the Jubilee Library, Brighton after the arrival of children ruled out long-haul travel. She currently lives with her family in France.

Siân Rees


University of Chichester 2017/18
University of Sussex 2010-12
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