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Todd Kingsley-Jones

Novelist, Poet, Playwright

Todd Kingsley-Jones was born and grew up in South Africa. He always wanted to be a writer, in between wanting to be a show jumper, the Lone Ranger, and Tarzan. After graduating from university, he worked as a journalist. In 1971 he left South Africa with a rucksack and very little money, determined to make a new life in exile, rather than remain under the apartheid system. Having settled in London, he held down various jobs; in race relations, magazine production and book editing, before rashly giving up paid employment to write his first novel.

Under the pen-name ‘Toeckey Jones’, Todd has written award-winning novels and plays. His other published work includes short stories and poetry, as well as non-fiction. He has taught creative writing, and meditation, and given talks and workshops, both in the United Kingdom and abroad. Apart from being a writer, Todd is also a therapeutic massage practitioner, working with people with severe learning difficulties, and a Tellington Touch practitioner (a method of treatment for animals with physical or behaviour problems).

Todd Kingsley-Jones


University of Sussex 2000/01
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