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Zoë Brân 1957-2016

Novelist, Non-fiction writer

Zoë Brân was born in Wales. Between various university degrees, she lived and travelled extensively in Europe, Asia, North Africa and North America. The first woman in Britain to be involved in managing a leading AIDS organisation, Zoë’s doctorate led research looking at HIV disease in terms of culture and society. From the mid-80s she was in the forefront of psycho/sexual research, appearing on radio and TV. From the 1990s Zoë was a full-time writer. Her published work includes academic papers, essays and poetry, and articles and books on sexuality. Her most recent book, Need To Know Kama Sutra, was published by Collins in July 2005. Her travel narratives on Vietnam and on Burma were published by HarperCollins and those on the Former Yugoslavia and Cuba, by Lonely Planet Journeys. Zoë also wrote fiction; her novel set in Iraq and the Caucasus, was shortlisted for Arts Council of England Writers Awards and received a 2005 ACR grant. Her second novel, ‘The Iceberg Year’, set in London 1986/87, is about the panic years of AIDS.

Zoë Brân 1957-2016


London College of Fashion 2004-08
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