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Susan Elliot Wright suspected that writer’s block was a myth, until she experienced it. Here she delves into the reasons behind this common problem and explains how she broke her own creative deadlock.
Jonathan Edwards recalls his time as writer in residence at Dylan Thomas’s boathouse, examines how the poet’s work changed over his lifetime, and explains why Thomas remains his most treasured literary inspiration.
In 2020 Lois Pryce contracted Covid-19. She spent the next year suffering long-term symptoms. Here she describes how the illness impacted her reading and her writing, with unexpected results.
Gerry Cambridge tells of an unexpected return to his childhood home in Ayrshire and how, by observing the landscape and the realities of life in a coastal town, he finds new inspiration in the place where his writing career began.
Rhiannon Tise was convinced that online writing groups weren’t for her. Here, she shares her journey from sceptic to convert, exploring how online groups have helped writers to keep working through lockdown.
After many years working at the kitchen table, Teresa Heapy explores the impact of a dedicated writing space, and the personal inspiration to be found on her new bookshelves.
Paul Dodgson considers the dramatic potential in the ordinary, and how a seemingly insignificant moment can be the perfect entry point to writing a life story.
Andrea Bennett examines her writerly obsession with food, the role of food in shaping fictional characters, and whether the culinary choices we make in real life reflect who we are.
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