Chris Arthur writes about the childhood mentor who inspired his lifelong love of nature — in particular, of birds.
Researching her historical novels, Judith Allnatt finds inspiration in the archaic language of the past, which can powerfully evoke a vanished world.
Leigh Russell describes the exhaustive research that goes into writing about the social issues which often underpin the plots of her crime fiction novels.
After years of making-do with desks he disliked – or which were just plain uncomfortable – Tobias Jones decided to build his own, discovering, in the process, exactly what he required from a writing place.
Marcus Chown describes the early months of the lockdown in London, and how his native city was transformed.
Sarah Williams describes the range of challenges she has faced as a translator – from translating the instructions for assembling flatpack furniture to translating poetry – and how these have shaped her view of the relationship between language and truth.
Art forms often have similarities based on discipline and structure; an anecdotal look at comparisons between poetry and music by a practitioner of both.