Playwright Fraser Grace makes a late reconnection with poetry — and finds that it is more essential than ever.
Karen Wallace describes her experiences selling her books on a market stall, and what this taught her about the realities of making a living from writing.
Martin Sketchley describes his lifelong love affair with typewriters, and why, for him, they will never by replaced by computers.
Dilys Rose reflects on her work as a librettist, and on the pleasures and occasional difficulties of writing words intended to be sung.
Horatio Clare reflects on the challenges and rewards of researching and writing about his parents’ divorce, and its impact on him as a child.
Rebecca Mascull describes some of the ways in which she tries to achieve historical authenticity through immersive research into a period.
Gerry Cambridge reflects on the pleasures – and occasional trials – of starting and editing a poetry magazine, as The Dark Horse celebrates a major anniversary.