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After struggling for years to write about his experience of childhood bullying, Steph Morris asks how we can best lower our own defences to write truthfully about personal struggles and connect with readers.
How do you write a funeral eulogy when you are grieving? Sophie Duffy reflects on how finding the details that illuminate a life can help mourners navigate the grieving process.
Chris Arthur considers what makes a piece of literature disturbing, and asks whether writers and readers should be concerned by the rapid development of AI-generated text.
Penny Boxall explores tapestry making, the stories that live in textile art, and how considering the craft of weaving has influenced her poetry and fiction.
Amanda Dalton considers the recurring theme of ‘home’ in her writing and theatre work and investigates how this creative obsession began.
Simon Booker on the unexpected consequences of his lockdown project — searching for the truth about the father he never knew.
Jasbinder Bilan explores the enduring appeal of magic and fantasy in children’s fiction, and how mythology from her Indian roots influences her work.
Rebecca Colby examines the nature of mystical experiences and explores some of the writers who have attempted to describe such moments in their own lives.
Nick Holdstock considers the attraction of travelling – and writing – without a plan and shares how an unexpected project changed his approach to fiction writing.
Jini Reddy on discovering travel writing and how fresh, diverse voices are pushing the boundaries of the genre.
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