Novelist Helen Grant shares her writing talisman, a reproduction statue from her childhood that bridges eras of its own.
Wendy Oberman describes her writing process and shares a pro tip from the screenwriting business.
Historian John Keay has a changeable talisman, which most recently took the form of an equally changeable bird.
Mark Piggott takes us on his journey from 16 year old school leaver to novelist, with a detour through journalism and a year without beer.
Cynthia Rogerson explains how she acquired her writer's talisman - a personal letter from one of the writers she most admires.
Zoë Marriott on discovering the magic of books, a career which began in snatched moments of writing, and her Evil Cinderella.
Cherise Saywell introduces her writer's talisman – a very special pen – and explains why she never writes with it.
Dean Stalham describes getting his writing start in prison (to the despair of his cellmate), and staging a play with a cast taken from the criminal justice system.