Cherise Saywell introduces her writer's talisman – a very special pen – and explains why she never writes with it.
Dean Stalham describes getting his writing start in prison (to the despair of his cellmate), and staging a play with a cast taken from the criminal justice system.
Jonathan Tulloch opens a box that didn't always belong to him — and finds meaning inside it.
SuAndi describes her late start in writing, and her delight that a self-proclaimed Liverpool Nigerian might be 'paid for talking'.
Doug Johnstone gives us a good look at his head.
Playwright and novelist Samuel Lock (1926-2016) describes the mysterious inner genesis of all his work.
Donny O'Rourke introduces us to St Francis, a saint with spiritual and personal significance, as rendered in wood by a New Mexico craftsman.
Chris Westwood shows off some retro tech, and shares his creative routine and his own gothic beginnings as a writer.