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Gabriel Gbadamosi finds his talisman, and his Yoruba spiritual counterpart, in a junk shop statue.
John Pilkington shares several tales of serendipity, showing how luck has played a part in his literary life.
Chris Simms introduces his writing talisman, chosen from a plethora of candidates to ward off the perils of dark places in the psyche.
Jon Hotten takes us on a tour of 'thwarted masculinity' including big boxers, hairy rockers and ... um... cricket.
Harriet Castor tells the story of how an unlikely lucky break produced a lovely long-term treasure.
James Sherwood presents a sample of his fashion-related literature, written for both commercial publishers and discerning private clients.
Duncan Forbes explains the significance, and the very long history, of his strange-looking writing talisman.
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