A Moment With...

John Pilkington shares several tales of serendipity, showing how luck has played a part in his literary life.
Jon Hotten takes us on a tour of 'thwarted masculinity' including big boxers, hairy rockers and ... um... cricket.
James Sherwood presents a sample of his fashion-related literature, written for both commercial publishers and discerning private clients.
Philip Osment describes his literary coming-out from acting to writing, and the need to explore fresh source material as a writer's career progresses.
Steph Swainston describes how an autistic character in one of her novels led her to discover her own Asperger's Syndrome — and explains its writing benefits.
Paul Sayer shares what drove him to become a writer, and what happened after his first novel won the Whitbread prize.
John O'Donoghue explains the origins of his memoir 'Sectioned', and how his experience of Victorian asylums has inspired his first novel.