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'For complete relaxation, crime fiction from several countries, especially America, Britain and Scandinavia; these are the books I most enjoy as they have nothing to do with my work... or so it was until now.'
'I wanted access to people, places, cultures, different from my own; and reading, especially fiction, seemed to give me that.'
'The longstanding members have been reading a book a month together for nearly twenty years, and are responsible for choosing some of my favourite recent literature. None of which I would have chosen for myself.'
'How to evoke, with sensuous conviction; immediacy, with personal engagement; these hidden stretches of human time, dwarfing written history? How to say it in ways that seem irrefutable?'
'Once I start writing I stay away from anything similar; the temptation to mimic someone else's perfect prose is too seductive. In fact, I try and avoid historical fiction altogether. '
'An opportunity presented itself to shed ourselves of unwanted or unread titles. I have to say, my wife, who is also a writer, and I, very nearly fell out over The Haiku Handbook.'
'The list of Important Books That I Haven't Read is not as long as it was, but I'm now virtually guilt-free about not reading many of them, and I feel no guilt at reading so-called 'airport thrillers'.'
'When I'm reading novels for potential adaptations, or books for research, I can't read anything for pleasure... everything I read is potentially work related. I've had the same novel by my bed for over a year.'
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