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'Never having driven a car, I've spent a lot of my life reading on buses and trains; I read Moby Dick on a seventy-two hour bus journey from London to Athens.'
'There is a silver cloud in everything, even disability, as I can now reserve eighteen books at time instead of six; there is real bliss in knowing that there is always something new to read.'
'Like a lot of writers when I read something I enjoy, part of my mind is also deconstructing it. My subconscious brain continues to work even when I am supposedly relaxed and on holiday.'
'Reading is an adventure, a glorious freedom. Follow your instincts, enjoy yourself; don't worry about those gaps which anyway will be closed eventually.'
'I read to understand better, to try and know more; I keep what I read because the object conjures the ghost of a person, a place, or time, and the feeling that went with it.'
'My natural habitat is a book-lined room, so a habit can be something in which we swathe ourselves, symbolic and protective, denoting belonging, in which we wish to dwell; that sounds just like my reading habit.'
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