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Shyama Perera speaks with Ann Morgan about her move from journalism to fiction writing, the influence of music in her work, growing up around casual racism and being a ‘portfolio woman’ thriving on teaching as well as writing.

Mirza Waheed speaks with Ann Morgan about why non-Western literature shouldn’t have to explain itself to Western readers, who can tell which stories, how parenthood and being primary carer have affected him as a writer, and the secret joy of working on buses.

Mirza Waheed speaks with Ann Morgan about his childhood in Kashmir and the injustice and violence he witnessed there, encountering the English literary canon in Delhi, and the influence of those experiences when writing his first novel in London.

Sue Teddern speaks with Bethan Roberts about her varied writing career in magazines, radio, TV and fiction, and the need for realism when dealing with the unavoidable constraints of commercial writing.

Amanda Dalton considers the ventriloquism of the author, and encounters the deeper writing self that can speak uncomfortable truths ‘from the gut’.

Shahrukh Husain unveils the obstacles faced by the author, however well-established, who is contemplating a mid-career change of genre.

Hannah Vincent speaks with Bethan Roberts about how acting led her to playwriting, working as a script editor, her mid-career move into fiction, the ‘core self’ that drives creativity and some of the recurring themes in her work.

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