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In this installment of 'How I Write', Royal Literary Fund fellows discuss the relative merits of pen versus computer, the role stationery can play in planning, and some of the pros and cons of writing software.


Brian Clegg speaks with Caroline Sanderson about how he brought together his parallel passions for writing and for science; explains why we can all claim to be descended from royalty; and describes the sense of wonder that he believes is integral to science writing.


Rosalind Harvey speaks with Ann Morgan about learning another language so well you dream in it, the process of finding the voice for other writers’ characters, and the link between writing and translating.


Syd Moore speaks with Doug Johnstone about Essex witches and their influence on her books, her new project exploring the Occult in World War Two, and the dilemma of whether to address or ignore the Covid-19 pandemic in an ongoing book series.


Syd Moore speaks with Doug Johnstone about her early writing life and the inclusive inspiration of seminal 80s and 90s culture, unexpectedly becoming a tv presenter on Channel 4, the self-doubt she experienced on not getting published, and the problematic Essex Girl stereotype.


In this installment of 'How I Write', Royal Literary Fund fellows discuss the tips, tricks and rituals they use to structure their writing days, with approaches including everything from going for a good walk to the Pomodoro technique.


Juliet Gilkes Romero speaks with Ann Morgan about telling history’s forgotten stories, writing about intersectionality, chasing down inconvenient truths, and the experience of taking up a writing residency at one of the UK’s most revered theatres.


Jamie Lee Searle reflects on the experience of building a fiction-writing practice fifteen years into a translating career.

Chris Simms explains why research is his favourite part of writing, considers the advantages of talking with real people when seeking realism in fiction, and his own scary undercover experience at the sharp end of an Alsatian.


In this installment of 'My Favourite Book', Royal Literary Fund fellows share what books they love have taught them about craft, the role of the writer in a text and the tricky art of blurring poetry and prose.

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