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'Writers must cast aside whichever exciting project they are now working on to go back in time, just as the reader is taking the book forward into their lives. Pity the poor writer who struggles to remember why they wrote the book in the first place. '
'When you’re used to publishing work in a book or journal, the idea of having words carved into stone is thrilling — and terrifying. A poem in a pavement is public, that’s public with a capital ‘P’. There are different responsibilities and considerations.'
'Had some literary giant gatecrashed? No; it was the footballer Rio Ferdinand, who had presumably wandered in by accident. He signed my book. It was only much later that I realised this was the wrong way round. We got the diary piece, though.'
'I decided to throw myself into doing as much promotion of the book as I could. It was partially distraction, I suppose. But I also felt it was something I could exercise a degree of control over. I took it into my own hands.'
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