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Michaela Morgan describes her first encounter with Winnie the Pooh and how A. A. Milne’s famous books have been an influential presence throughout her career as a children’s author.
Nicola Baldwin reflects on her time as Royal Literary Fund Fellow at the University of Greenwich, and how the legacy of Floyer Sydenham – the destitute author whose fate inspired the foundation of the RLF – lives on.

In the second installment of 'My Genre’s Status', RLF writers consider the challenges and opportunities that come with working in a booming or highly regarded genre, with the effects of technology, the impact of high-profile prizewinners and bestsellers, and the perils of marketing all playing a role.


Max Eilenberg speaks with John Siddique about the importance of love in children’s fiction, his previous career in publishing, retelling a traditional fairytale and his enduring enthusiasm for the work of Bob Dylan.

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