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'I'm a very active and social person so I find it especially hard to lock myself away. It makes me feel like an outsider, not having full control over my time; when I'm going to work, and when I can stop working. It can feel like it's more than a full time job.'
'I write with the idealistic ambition to change the world. I see my work as little pieces of activism, whether it’s raising awareness of issues, or getting people to think differently. Often you don’t know how you feel about a situation until you write it. '
'I was a picture editor for ten years. It made me feel busy and confident, which isn't something that comes easily as a writer. And it made me feel like I was good at working. All of this is invaluable, especially when you sit down to actually write.'
Aisha Zia explains how she moved from image editor to playwright, and how she came to be involved with site-specific, community-based theatre.
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