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In the course of my own research I have been shut in the cells at the local police station, interviewed a rape counsellor and got lots of secrets out of a high class madam and prostitute.
It's a leap in the dark. But every writer comes to a point where the gains outweigh the risks, where the financial burden is second to wanting to just do it.
However it gets done, whatever works for each individual writer, there is only one thing that unites us all; we understand that writing is hard.
My reading habits have changed since I became a writer myself. I used to read haphazardly and uncritically, from French translations to war memoirs to fiction; now inevitably I read a lot of crime because that is what I write.

Ali Knight explores the murky depths of the Grand Union Canal in Londonand explains how it inspires her crime fiction.

John Greening takes us to the poetic village of Little Gidding and its nearby literary landmarks.

Miranda Miller introduces us to Henry James’ Lamb House in Rye and its connections with various writers.

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