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I met the real-life inspiration for one of the women characters, Carolyn Cassady, wife of Neal, or 'Dean' as he is known in the novel. She'd just published a memoir describing what it was really like to be a woman in the Beat world.
Researching her study of the artist Gwen John, Alicia Foster was struck by the attic setting of many of John’s paintings. This led her to a wider exploration of the role played by the attic room in art and literature.
I can sit at my desk and a whole day will pass like this; the sky will brighten, darken and go black without me realising. This is an ideal state for me. Too often, I'm interrupted.
There are enough stories of great writers who are impossible to live with to suggest that having writing talent, and even winning enormous recognition for it, does not always mean a calm and contented personal life. Thinking about it from inside, though, is different.
A photograph of a Victorian Gothic villa which I immediately recognised because it's on a hill in my home town of Folkestone — in fact I can see it now from my study window as I sit here writing. This seemed to me to be a sign.
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