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'What held me was the brilliant, innovative and charming way in which Stone presented the people he had met during his research; the men, women and children whose lives had been affected.'
In search of inspiration for her first novel, Karen Wallace went back to her former home in Canada, and found herself reliving a hair-raising childhood adventure.
Researching a children’s book set in the time of King Alfred takes Sue Purkiss to Athelney, in Somerset — and, ultimately, leads her to a character she did not expect to use in her story: Alfred’s daughter, Aethelflaed. She finds that historical research can offer a writer the raw materials she needs, but it can also give her the confidence to leave historical realism behind.

Jane Draycott speaks with Julia Copus about her modern translation of 'Pearl', the great Mediaeval poem of earthly loss and spiritual consolation.

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