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Ann Morgan talks to Caroline Sanderson about her ‘Reading The World’ project and books that cross borders, the role of nature and nurture in shaping identity and the benefits of the pram in the hall.

The to-read list continues to sit online, every bit as formidable as ever. But these days it fills me with joy rather than dread; I've realised, with a kind of wonder, that I'll be reading the world for the rest of my life.

Ann Morgan retells the grand old myth about becoming a published author, then takes her editorial red pen to all of its inaccuracies.

Nicholas Murray dissects his own reluctance to call himself a writer, after an early career in journalism and despite having subsequently published more than twenty books in a huge variety of genres.

In ‘Writing vs Life: A Delicate Matter’, we talk to a number of RLF writers about the challenge of re-using real life material in their work, the impact their writing has on their personal life, and where they draw the line on privacy.

As a sub-editor spending my days honing other people's articles, I came to understand that bad words were only the beginning of the writing process. Brilliance lay not in writing perfectly first time round but in having the patience and skill to rework.
I remember the bitter disappointment as the words sunk in; but most of all I remember the fresh surge of determination as I turned back to my screen, applied myself once more to the keyboard, and set out to prove him wrong.

In ‘Writing vs Life: The Pram in the Hall’, we talk to a number of RLF writers about the challenges of balancing parenthood and a professional writing career, and whether mothers and fathers still have differing experiences in this area.

Having grown up with a chronic illness, Ann Morgan became fascinated by the number of other writers who have suffered from poor health and by the way some have explored this in their writing.
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