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'At the last minute, a prison officer warns me that if my questions elicit further evidence, the prisoner will be tried again. Sweat trickles down my back as I lock eyes with him. I can almost hear the crew behind me hold their breath.'
'We're all supposed to be so mature about feedback, aren't we? Some of us can fake a gracious response, but don't be fooled. Writers, like anyone else, hate to be criticised. '
'The deadline for this piece was Christmas Eve, but that was also the deadline for buying presents for the family. So — while making hurried purchases through multiple windows on my computer — I also wrote the following...'
'Quality TV drama writers inspire me to script scenes exactly as they happen in my head and to learn from the way people speak in real life... at the most dramatic moments of our lives, we rarely channel Shakespeare.'
'I also need to listen to the target audience. How and where will they watch the film? What have they seen in the past? What do they like and dislike? My job is to embed the key messages into a drama people will see as realistic.'
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