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RLF writers lay out their reasons for calling someone their favourite author, exploring the role that biography, style, message and childhood influences play in fostering powerful affinities.

'I do think critics are absurd about crime and sci-fi. They tend to get discombobulated by it, and over-praise genre titles that somehow break through, without realising that lots of work still stuck in genre ghettos is much better written.'
Andrew Martin describes his lifelong fascination with trains, and the way the coming of the railway transformed literature.
Miranda Miller considers some examples of the ‘political novel’, and reflects on what draws readers to novels of ideas.
'As darkness fell on each painful night, I reconstructed the book from memory, trying to get a little further each time before looking back at the text. Instead of dwelling on the life I couldn't live I retold this story.'
'He paid his groom an extra five pounds a year to wake him up early every morning with a cup of coffee so that he could be at his desk at half past five. '
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