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So much more satisfactory than speech; you can correct it, remould it, hone it ceaselessly, if you like, before you deliver it. The pleasure is not just in the moment, it can be lasting.
Let's face it. Basically, you're on your own, and ultimately, boringly, it's discipline isn't it? Fiction and non-fiction, the same rules apply.
Research pitted with fascinating rabbit holes down which I'll dive because my curiosity has been piqued, knowing full well that I probably can't use what I unearth. Too much research?
An integral part of the thinking process, with sometimes surprising, counterintuitive results that would never have been reached without this process; and that too is how writing can change a writer.
Antony Mason’s first encounter with the Aboriginal art of Australia was at the Royal Academy’s seminal exhibition in 2013. Inspired by this, he travelled to Australia, to explore this extraordinary work in more detail. But can a European ever hope to understand what these paintings mean?