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James Woodall speaks with Robin Blake about how his mother is accidentally responsible for his writing career and some of his subject matter, how his love of Spanish music eventually led him to Latin America, and wanting to escape the constraints of biography.

Miranda France describes the benefits of translation work for a writer: the chance to study the workings of a novel in detail, the wheels and cogs of composition, how characters drive the action, how the narrative is shaped, and then the awareness of the way different languages work
Puzzles, mirrors, infinite regressions, paradoxes; these perfectly crafted, erudite stories - despite their appeal to the intellect - grip like a vice.
Re-reading the diaries she wrote during the early nineteen-nineties, when she taught English in Buenos Aires, Ruth Thomas found that – as well as details of day-today life – she’d recorded more about Argentina’s political upheavals than she remembered doing at the time.

Miranda France speaks with Carole Angier about her experiences abroad in Buenos Aires and Spain, the role of mordant humour in her work, and her own journey from travel writing to pure fiction.