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From an early age, Zoë Marriott got used to being regarded as someone easily distracted and hopelessly impractical — as ‘away with the fairies’, in fact. But was this tendency to get lost in other worlds merely an indication that she would one day become a writer?
Ezra Pound's Cathay is one hundred this year. William Carlos Williams said that if they’d been original poems they'd have made Pound the world's greatest living poet. But the poems were translations from Chinese – a language Pound could neither read not speak. Yet Clare Pollard argues that Pound felt his way through the poems with an integrity that set a new bar in translation.
Roopa Farooki's problem has never been writer's block, but the opposite: too many ideas, too many leads. A new book is started almost as soon as the previous one is completed. But last time she used this trusted method, her unconscious mind upended her: another book was calling out to be written. Blindly, helplessly, she allowed herself to listen.