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Frankenstein-like, I assemble the whole from whatever components I have to hand; I don't start at the beginning and work through to the end, finishing with a flourish.

Ray French visits Far Ings, a once-busy site returned to nature and a reminder of his father’s values.

Linda Hoy takes us to the Sheffield archive of a most unusual society.

Brian Clegg considers the fate of post-truth science in his post-industrial hometown of Littleborough.

Could artificial intelligence and big data predict the bestsellers of the future, asks Brian Clegg. Or would these algorithmic dark arts lead only to cookie-cutter bland titles, instead of original fiction.
Science Fiction is still occasionally dismissed as a ‘popular’ genre, without literary merit. Brian Clegg considers why this is and suggests it is time for a change of attitude.
The discovery of a previously unpublished document about the eccentric Victorian photographer, Eadweard Muybridge, was an exciting ‘scoop’ for biographer Brian Clegg — but would it prove a distraction? Fortunately, his editor was on hand to restrain his scholarly enthusiasm.