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Most often I get stuck at the ends and beginnings and of chapters. I can't start the next chapter until the end of the last one is right. I know this usually means that whatever I've written has to be cut.
While I was shy and embarrassed to begin with, I soon became obsessed. I didn't like the person I was turning into. Marketing brought out the pushy me.

Caitlin Davies and her father Hunter Davies let us eavesdrop on a conversation about their respective writing careers, being compulsive writers in a family of writers and generational changes in the publishing industry.

Many times I've said I've had I enough, I'm getting a real job; I can't take the uncertainty anymore. Then I get an idea. I write it down and I'm away from the world. I'm in my own universe where I'm in charge.
After a man broke into my home and tried to kill me I couldn't read properly for five years. I just couldn't lose myself; constantly on the alert for sounds, people, danger. I couldn't concentrate.
I used to think I had to write down every single idea or I'd forget it, as people say will happen with dreams. But these days I tell myself that if I can't find a scrap of paper it doesn't matter, because if the idea is any good I won't forget it.
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