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For no good reason, certainly no reason that I can understand, I still get that weird tingling sensation when I've written something that I like. It's the obverse in many ways of the feeling I get when I read something really admirable.
Your own complete ignorance of the world and everything in it... enables you to find almost everything interesting; an ignorance which will stay with you until you are as old as I am now.
Charles Jennings mourns unused research from Utah: a concatenation of vice, gambling, Mormonism, hideous landscapes, a dead sea, padlocked beer — and the atomic bomb.
If I there is a guiding principle behind my reading — let's call it a 'tendency' — it's the idea of The Canon. I've been working on The Canon since I was at school.
Every writer has experienced the horror of the blank page. But what about all the other things one has to get right, before one even picks up the pen or switches on the laptop? Charles Jennings offers his list of these, beginning with the writer’s desk… 

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