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Michaela Morgan speaks with Ann Morgan about becoming a reader by accident, writing for reluctant readers, using stories to unlock people and the importance of not writing down to children.

'Women who write are as blood-curdlingly ambitious for fame, acclaim and money as the next person, and just as desperate to get their name plastered... across their book jacket.'
Could artificial intelligence and big data predict the bestsellers of the future, asks Brian Clegg. Or would these algorithmic dark arts lead only to cookie-cutter bland titles, instead of original fiction.
A serendipitous find can bring a writer’s research to life, as Deborah Chancellor discovered when she inadvertently rented slave cabins in North Carolina while working on a book about black abolitionist Harriet Tubman. As a riposte to those who believe that Wikipedia is the beginning and end of research, she argues for the benefits of immersing yourself in your subject.
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