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It is sometimes hard to distinguish between memorable books and inspiring books. I remember books for various reasons, often to do with characterisation and dialogue.
Young people growing up today have in general abandoned the age-old tradition of diary writing in favour of recording their experiences photographically, and posting them on social media.
Style and form are all find and dandy, I'm sure they do wonders for my poor old brain, but sometimes I hanker after a good story. Luckily there are plenty of them about, and some happen to be beautifully written too.
To write well it's essential to know who you're writing for; this is true for any writing genre, from children's fiction to academic essays. I usually start writing as soon as I am happy with my plan.
How far does the art of turning ‘true life’ into biography, film or television lead to a dilution of the facts, or a manipulation of the truth, asks Deborah Chancellor. Sometimes the more entertaining the story, the less truthful it may become.
Remember to celebrate the present because, although it's hard to believe, things will not stay the same forever. Life will not always be easy, and it will change you.
Throughout her writing life, Deborah Chancellor has found herself shifting between different roles – as parent, grandparent, colleague, friend – adapting her work and writing schedule accordingly. But can this need to move from one world into another actually be a source of inspiration?
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