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Claire Williamson writes about the value of turning to literature at times of personal grief and shares some books that have provided comfort and consolation in difficult times.

Bethan Roberts yearns for Anglesey, a place of family history, childhood holidays and a beautiful, mysterious family language.

Morgen Witzel explores the moods of Dartmoor, and surveys the many writers, including himself, who have been inspired by its solitude.

Rebecca Goss looks up at the skies she's lived beneath, and considers how they've shaped her writing from above.

Researching her latest novel, which is set in wartime London, Christina Koning found consolation in the knowledge that people in the past had survived against seemingly insuperable odds.
'The longstanding members have been reading a book a month together for nearly twenty years, and are responsible for choosing some of my favourite recent literature. None of which I would have chosen for myself.'
'I remember my own 21st birthday, and my wedding day, and I also have these imaginary memories of scaling the rooftops of Ghent and splashing through the Brussels sewers to try to get away from a serial killer.'
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