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'A writer in London has the ever-present possibility of going out of the door and into a space shared with millions; entering a grand, random work of performance art, at any hour of the day or night, any stage of the work.'
'I feel lucky to live in this era of an extraordinary range of readily available texts. I use the word 'read' loosely, often 'dip into' might better describe it, but when I'm enthralled, I can still stay up most of the night reading.'

Claire Harman speaks with Caroline Sanderson about the painstaking, and sometimes obsessive art of literary biography, and how careful detective work can bring new insights into even the most written-about lives.

Writing for emotional survival is familiar; writing for physical survival less so. Yet the physical act of writing raised Sara Coleridge from her sickbed, reassures Hilary Mantel, comforts Laura Hillenbrand and, during a recent medical crisis, kept Katharine Grant ‘threaded to the world’. Never mind words, the act of writing is medicine.
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