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Write about what you don't know. If you are setting out to write a novel, you are in it for the long haul. You better be sure you'll stay interested in something for the next three years.

Courttia Newland speaks with Catherine O'Flynn about childhood inspiration from TV and music, his doubts about diversity initiatives in publishing and the threads linking his work across different media and genres.

The scariest manifestation of writer's block comes when writing the first draft. You have to trust that the words will come. You must ignore the devil on your shoulder that insists that they won't.
That winter in France I looked at the world around me with wonder; much like snowboarding, writing is about freedom and control, and the happy union of these opposites.

Ian Thomson speaks with Gabriel Gbadamosi about the writer’s need for selfishness, the use of not being comfortable in one’s own skin, subverting Englishness with JG Ballard and writing about Jamaica, Primo Levi and Haiti.

Even now I have a fatal tendency to just open a fresh page and go. Interesting things happen that way but you also get lots of false starts.
Writing biography, one of the great challenges is to remain disinterested; to always resist any temptation to identify with your subject.
I figure out whole narratives in two miles; if I don't have my notebook I'll forget the stories. The dogs are always knackered.